Keynote Lecture

Shaping the Future of Animal Health

Juan Ramón Alaix
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zoetis

Keynote Lecture:
Sunday, May 6, 2018
10:30 – 11:00
Room: 116 – Level P1

Juan Ramón Alaix is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zoetis. In this role, he runs the world’s leading animal health company with a singular focus on medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products, genetic tests, biodevices and a range of services for animal health. Under Juan Ramón’s leadership, the company generated annual revenue of $5.3 billion in 2017 with approximately 9,000 colleagues worldwide. He brings 35 years’ experience of increasing responsibility in finance, sales and management, including 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, to his role at Zoetis.

Prior to becoming CEO in 2012, Juan Ramón served as President of Pfizer Animal Health, where he was responsible for the overall strategic direction and financial performance of the business beginning in 2006. He joined Pfizer in 2003 as regional president following its acquisition of Pharmacia, where he served as country president for Spain.  Previously, Juan Ramón held general management roles with Rhône-Poulenc Rorer in Spain and Belgium. 

Keynote Address Abstract

The world depends on animals for nutrition and companionship more today than ever, and no one is more important in caring for the health of these animals than the world’s veterinarians.  Our reliance on animals will be even greater in the future, with increasing pet ownership and escalating global demand for protein. Veterinarians are at the center of addressing these challenges, and many developing trends, technologies and innovations are emerging to change the way you work in animal health.

Through the right innovations, technologies, and collaborations, veterinarians and industry partners like Zoetis can help raise the standards of veterinary care and increase access to medicalization in markets around the world. Farm veterinarians and producers must lead the way in creating a safer and more sustainable food supply based on healthier and more productive animals. Companion animal veterinarians must work more collaboratively with pet owners to prevent, detect and treat an increasing numbers of conditions with greater efficacy and efficiency. As the world’s leading animal health company, Zoetis understands the challenges and opportunities facing our veterinary customers, and we are working with our own teams, as well as industry and academic partners, to help you address these global demands for better animal health.  

In his keynote at WVAC, Zoetis’ Chief Executive Officer Juan Ramón Alaix will discuss the forces shaping the future of animal health and how the role of veterinarians will evolve to address the world’s most important animal health issues – driven by key technologies, digital trends and improved access to innovation. Working together, we have the opportunity to not only improve the health and wellness of animals, but bring greater value to society.

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