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WVAC 2018 would like to thank the following companies for their support:



Confirmed Exhibitors

Andersen Products | Booth #2
Andersen Products has been providing the life science industries with Ethylene Oxide sterilisation solutions since 1956. Our customers can benefit from this highly effective sterilant either in house or through sterilisation services. Our affordable solutions deliver savings through the sterilisation and re-sterilisation of items impossible to sterilise by other means. (
Blücare Lab | Booth #6
Blücare is a non-invasive monitor designed for the early detection of blood in the urine of cats. Use directly on the litter, it is Fast, Simple and Easy to use – Reliable – Clinically proven: The granules warn if there is blood in the urine, indicating that a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. (
Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd. | Booth #4
Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which engages in research and innovation of plastination technique, and moreover, the production, preservation, and exhibition of plastinated biological specimens. (
FUJIFILM Corporation | Booth #10
By combining our own original technologies with expertise from around the world, FUJIFILM will continuously create products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere.  (
Gosbi Pet Food | Booth #8
Gosbi is an emerging and innovative pet food producer only focused in highly nutritious products from its own “kitchen”, NOT making private labels. Fully committed to Independent pet-specialty and veterinary channel that can recommend its products and Mediterranean Diet food philosophy because we really believe that good nutrition is fundamental in animal health.  (
Grupo Asís | Booth #5
Grupo Asís is the most specialised international editorial marketing agency in the veterinary sector. We offer services to the industry as well as the professionals across 5 areas: communications agency, publishing of magazines and publications, publication of books, educational materials and e-learning.(
MAI Animal Health | Booth #1
MAI Animal Health provides innovative, reliable solutions that make a positive difference in daily animal care.  Inspired by the needs of veterinarians, MAI Animal Health connects expertise and real-world experience to invent and manufacture unique products that provide value to you and your practice. Together, we are committed to Treating Animals. Differently.  (
Provet Cloud | Booth #11
Provet Cloud is a cloud-based veterinary practice management software, making life at the practice easier through the enhancement of client and care processes. As a web-based service, Provet Cloud can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Built on twenty years of knowhow, our intuitive system is at the forefront of practice management technology.  (
Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) | Booth #15
AVEPA in collaboration with the NAVC (North American Veterinary Community), will again host the Southern European Veterinary Conference – SEVC. Madrid, Spain, 18 – 20 October 2018. Spanish and English are the SEVC’s official languages and simultaneous translation will be provided at all lectures. At some lectures, simultaneous translation into French, Russian, Portuguese and Polish will also be provided. (
Spanish Veterinary Organization | Booth #14
The Spanish Veterinary Organization consists of the Provincial Colleges, Autonomous Councils and General Council; gathering all the Spanish veterinarians. The functions of the Spanish Veterinary Organization are the representation of the profession, the regulation of the veterinary practice of the members and protect their professional interests. (
Established in 1987, STORZ MEDICAL AG is an independent partner company of the KARL STORZ Group. The aim of our physicists and engineers is the continuing research of shock wave technology, the development of new system concepts and the opening up of new indications in close co-operation with leading medical institutes. (
Triad Orthopedic | Booth #9
Triad Orthopedic Products Industrial Co., Ltd, with decades of experience in manufacturing human products, started research for animal orthopedic products in 2014. Now we are offering rehabilitation and physical therapy products for dogs, cats and horses under our own brand and are looking for sole distributors all over the world.  (
WVAC 2019 Costa Rica | Booth #16
The Costa Rican Veterinary Medical Association is the official regulating body that ensures excellence in Veterinary Medicine in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is also incredibly unique in the world due to its amazing biodiversity, its culture of peace and sustainability. In Costa Rica “LIFE CONNECTS ALL, PURA VIDA”  Save the date for WVAC 2019, April 27-30, 2019. ( – coming soon)
WVAC 2020 New Zealand | Booth #13
The New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is the country’s only membership association for veterinarians. We serve more than 2,000 members and provide a voice for the profession to improve animal health and welfare, and positively influence the collective wellbeing of animals, people, and the environment. Save the date for WVAC 2010, April 4-7, 2020. ( – coming soon)


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  • Booth #1: MAI Animal Health
  • Booth #2: Andersen Products
  • Booth #3: STORZ MEDICAL AG
  • Booth #4: Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd.
  • Booth #5: Grupo Asís
  • Booth #6: Blücare Lab
  • Booth #8: Gosbi Pet Food
  • Booth #9: Triad Orthopedic
  • Booth #10: FUJIFILM Corporation
  • Booth #11: Provet Cloud
  • Booth #13: WVAC 2020 New Zealand
  • Booth #14: Spanish Veterinary Organization / Organización Colegial Veterinaria Española
  • Booth #15: Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC)
  • Booth #16: WVAC 2019 Costa Rica



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